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Who We Are

Meet the Designer

Hi there!  My name is Emily Walkup and I am the brand strategist and creative leader on all the inspiring work done in our design studio.  With over eight years of experience, I have worked in both marketing and design and have come to appreciate the required marriage of the two to be successful.

I have worked and adapted to international settings with companies and colleagues around the globe.  From non-profit to startups, my goal is to provide all my clients with the ease of a guided process by building your brand on all platforms.  I believe that good design is good business!

I will assist your businesses in achieving their goals through impactful and intentional design. Let's tell your story together.

Our Mission

To empower devoted entrepreneurs, ready to tell their story through strategic and creative design. 


Our Purpose

At Emily Walkup Design, we craft a brand strategy that is reflected in your brand design to create a comprehensive visual experience that intentionally targets to your ideal clients. By partnering with a select number of clients each month we can give you our full attention. 


Our brand strategy and design process will assist you in uncovering your core message, deeply understand your target audience, and create a lasting impression through your visual design.

Irresistible & Profitable Branding Design


We are here to eliminate distractions, clarify your message, and shine a light on what truly matters to your audience. 


We do this through our one-on-one personal connection to each of our clients,  cultivating a strategically refined brand strategy, and a one-of-a-kind designed identity based on your brand foundation. 


What results is a purposefully crafted brand design that is uniquely all your own. 

Our Approach

Good Design is Good Business

When design meets strategy, real connection happens.  Let's build your brand, engage your audience, disrupt the competition or ultimately increase your profit. Good design is the perfect support for these goals. 

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