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I am so excited to be working with you on your new branding design! The goal of this questionnaire is to help identify how you want your new brand to be perceived and for me to get a general idea of your likes, dislikes, as well as what appeals to your target market. 


Clarifying fuzzy or unclear ideas is the most important first step we can make together, so once you return this form to me and we are on the same page, I can start to draft up some moodboards and initial logo concepts. 


Let's get started! 

Client Details

First Name:


Last Name:

Business or Physical Address:

Business Details

Business Name:

Tagline/any other words you want on your logo:

How do you prefer your logo be worded or written out?

Business Mission + Purpose

Tell me a little bit about your business, how you got started, your story, your why *

What is your brand's mission statement or main purpose? *

Products and Services

What are you selling / offering? *

Target Audience

What kinds of people are attracted to your current brand? Are these the people you want to continue to attract? If not, tell me a little bit more about who you want to appeal to.


Tell me about their age, sex, income, occupation, education, lifestyle, and purchasing habits. 


What are they passionate about, their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, values and beliefs.

Who is your target audience? *

If your ideal target audience was talking about your brand, how would you want them to describe it? *

Your Competitors

Who are your main competitors? * 


This allows me to better understand your market + competition. We want to make sure to steer away from a visual identity that is too similar to theirs. You have a unique brand, and I want to make sure we stay true to that.

List the top three reasons someone should buy from you or subscribe to you instead of one of your competitors *

Style & Identity

What three brands do you love, and why?

Fonts (please choose the font types you find most appealing. Please note you are not choosing what will be used in your logo, this is just to give me an idea of what you like so I can create something even better!). *

Font Styles:



What colors (if any) do you want incorporated into the new design?*

What elements (other than fonts and colors) are you a fan of?

Do you have any specific colors or design elements you want to steer away from?

What areas of your current brand do you want to keep, if any at all? Please explain.

Please list at least three adjectives that describe your ideal brand identity.

What is your ideal brand voice?  

What does your ideal brand voice sound like?  

Do you have any final additional thoughts, comments or things you want to request regarding your design?

Now the fun begins! It's time for me to analyse, research, develop and totally immerse myself in the details you have provided. 

Thanks for submitting!

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